1. To emphasize the importance of the conference theme and the keenness on the need to hold it periodically and invite parties that are relevant to the subject of the conference, in addition to involving the private sector as part of its community responsibility.

2. To emphasize the role of governmental sectors in raising the awareness of the society about cybercrime systems.

3. To emphasize the role of the education sector in terms of raising youth awareness and communicating with the family, and the inclusion of Anti-Cybercrime systems within the educational curricula.

4. To facilitate and disseminate Cybercrimes means of reporting to all segments of society.

5. To emphasize the increasing role of the Communication and Information Technology sector in combating cybercrime and raising awareness about its risks.

6. The need to adopt a national strategy shared by that parties that are relevant to Cybercrimes. This strategy should include criminalization, punishment with the need to edit terminologies, clarify the purpose and to determine the acts of punishment in Cybercrimes system, in addition to working on updating the current legislation and regulations and the inclusion of texts that are needed to confront the diverse and innovative images of cybercrime.

7. The need to have terms for children in Anti-Cybercrime system and to activate the role of parental and governmental control.